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10 Reasons why you should not look for a traditional university degree

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10 Reasons why you should not look for a traditional university degree

It’s not what it used to be

There is a common myth about the prestige of higher education circulating amongst people who imagine university as an incredibly enriching experience that only the most brilliant minds have access to. Perhaps this was accurate in Ancient Rome and even a few decades ago, but today, universities are much more oriented towards profit and much less towards the fulfilment of their students.

The exorbitant tuition fees

When you think of the fact that you might have to pay anywhere from thousands of euros to tens of thousands of dollars per year in tuition fees, you might realize why so many people simply can’t afford a traditional university degree program. And even if you can afford it, is it worth so much money?

They require too much time

A traditional BA degree program will take a minimum of 4 years of hard work, learning and passing trying exams. An MA can take up to 2 years and a PhD typically extends from 4 to 6 years or more. Do you have so much time to spend on education?

The living costs

Unfortunately, the costs don’t stop at tuition fees. If you’re considering a reputable university then you will most likely have to relocate to a different city, country or even continent. The costs implied by moving there and living there for the duration of your studies are also significant.

The schedule is always tight

Not only do you have to spend 8 years of your life on a complete traditional educational background, but you also have to attend classes, seminars and exams on an almost daily basis. The schedule is never decided by you and it might interfere severely with your other engagements.

You can do it online

Given the technological prowess of today’s society, traditional education is simply not worth it anymore, especially when you can do it all online. This way, you can learn whenever and wherever you want. The costs are smaller and you can even graduate faster.

You can even buy it

If online education doesn’t seem appealing either, you can always decide to purchase a degree online for a fraction of the cost and no coursework whatsoever. Provided that you find a reliable selling business, ensure accreditation and order attesting documents to accompany your diploma, you will be 100% on the legal side when using your new degree on your resume.

You can do it yourself

It is believed that you can gain access to all the information made available by a university with only 20$ on your hands. If self-teaching is one of your fortes, then it’s clearly not worth spending thousands of dollars on a traditional program.

You don’t really need one

With so many other options out there, it is becoming more and more evident that people do not actually require a traditional university degree in order to succeed. Indeed, there are hundreds of celebrities and millionaires out there who started from scratch and never went to college.

It doesn’t guarantee success

Finally, statistics usually point out to the fact that those with higher education degrees earn more in their lifetimes, but you shouldn’t let yourself convinced so easily. A successful career implies much more than a shiny degree and proof to this is the fact that employers most often look for impressive personality traits, achievements and previous work experience, rather than qualifications.