Everything you need to know about an online PhD degree

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Everything you need to know about an online PhD degree

Accreditation is the key

As mentioned before, attaining a PhD is no easy feat. Considering how much work, research and strenuous learning is involved, it is most advisable that you make sure the final result is worth the effort. If you opt to enlist for a doctoral program that is not accredited by a recognized and legit organization, then you will most likely waste years of research, because diplomas issued by unaccredited institutions are almost worthless on the job market. Especially because employers are dealing with an increasing number of fake qualifications on the resumes of their applicants, they have devised an easy cutting point when screening potential employees – if they don’t have accreditation, then they’re not even considered for an interview. Therefore, the very first thing you should verify when applying for a PhD program is whether or not your university has accreditation. If not, then you should keep looking.

What kind of work is involved?

The amazing prestige of a doctoral title is quite frightening in itself for most people, which is why they never try to pursue this form of education. However, you should not be intimidated by this and, instead, you should try to gather as much information as possible about the work you have to do and the standard that is expected of you.For instance, before you actually begin your doctoral program, you will be asked to complete a series of preliminary courses, all of which are meant to improve or at least verify your knowledge on the subject. Even if you enlist in an online PhD degree program, you will still have to pay a few visits to your tutor on campus, to better prepare yourself for examinations.Once you have completed these introductorysteps, a committee of at least five professors will be created to evaluate your work. You will have to pass a comprehensive initial examination and get approved by the committee. This being done, you will finally be able to start your research, which you will then write down in an extensive dissertation, about the size of a book. Lastly, you will be required to attend campus once more in order to sustain your findings in front of the committee. If they judge it worthy, you will be awarded your PhD title through an open and very prestigious celebrating event.Doesn’t sound all that difficult, does it? And if you’re still unconvinced or if you simply cannot afford the time or money to spend on a traditional doctoral program, bear in mind that you can always instantly purchase your PhD online, for only a fraction of the cost and no work whatsoever.