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Reasons you should consider an online PhD degree

Surely enough, you’ve heard a lot of talk about PhDs lately, and even more about online doctoral programs.Nowadays, people tend to fuss a lot about qualifications and higher education programs simply because the job market demands it. As BAs and MAs become more and more common for potential employees, workers try their best to go beyond undergraduate titles and to attain the highest degrees out there. Here are a few reasons why you should consider earning an online PhD degree.

Better qualifications, better resume, better jobs

It is statistically attested that people who add more qualifications to their resumes earn much more than those who stick with their original BA. A PhD is the most prestigious educational program you can pursue, which means that once you complete it, you demonstrate that you have achieved your maximum potential in the research and application of a certain area of interest. In other words, a PhD shows potential employers that you have gone as far as possible in improving your knowledge and skills in a certain profession. Naturally, they will feel more at ease hiring someone with such an impressive educational background.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in a career in research or the academia, then attaining a PhD is a must. Still, even if you work in the corporate area, administration or the government, a doctoral degree will instantly improve your CV and open doors to the much more satisfactory and esteemed managerial and directorial positions.

Why do it online?

Taking a degree online can present you with a multitude of advantages. To begin with, it means that you can decide how many courses you take per semester, as well as when you do your learning or research. Thanks to the marvels of technology, all the necessary resources can be found on your University’s platform and can be accessed from any device with a reliable Internet connection. This means that you can research on your way to work, during a long break or even late in the evening, if you’re more of a night owl. Basically, an online PhD program offers the necessary flexibility for you to take care of work, education and personal life at the same time.

The flexibility of the schedule is not the only advantage advocating for online degree programs. Consider, for example, the fact that if you opt for such a degree, then you won’t have to attend campus on a daily basis, nor will you have to relocate to a different city or even country to participate to courses. You can do all of your research from the comfort of your own home and you only have to visit the campus on a few occasions to meet with your coordinator or to sustain your dissertation. Even if you don’t benefit from cheaper tuition fees, you will surely put aside a lot of money by excluding the otherwise exorbitant costs of living in a foreign city.

People wish to attain a PhD degree for a surprising diversity of reasons. Some want to pursue a career in university teaching or research, while others want to make an impression in their organization and earn a quick promotion. There are some who do it simply because they crave the prestige of being called a “doctor” or the respectability this title demands from those around them. Whatever your reason, it is definitely worthwhile to consider an online PhD degree.